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Tax Strategy Planning

We love taxes.

That might seem like a strange statement, but we love the challenge and believe nobody should pay more tax than necessary. We love keeping abreast of the changes in the tax code and the judgements that come down each year which might affect clientsí taxes. We even take a course every February to make sure we donít miss anything.

Since taxes are an important part of your whole financial picture, we want to make sure that your strategy is doing whatís best for you. We will do a year on year comparison and summarize everything for you. Two sets of eyes assess your taxes for accuracy, and to ensure maximum benefit. If your file comes up for review we will liaise and support you during this process with Canada Revenue Agency.

We'll offer you solutions that help you maximize your refund and reduce your tax bill, making suggestions that fit your lifestyle and avoiding nasty surprises. We believe in understanding your priorities and goals and helping you find a plan thatís clear and straightforward.

Although a tax specialist always comes in handy, it's most important to have someone in your corner during life-changing events such as marriage, aging parents, a death in the family, retirement, or the arrival of children. There are huge tax implications during each of these times and itís important to be prepared.

To help you prepare for tax season we have provided a checklist that you can use to make sure you have everything you need:

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